Introducing "Les Gaulois"

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Introducing "Les Gaulois" Empty Introducing "Les Gaulois"

Message  HoolooW le Ven 12 Nov - 8:39

« It is 2010 AD, the whole of Gaul is occupied by foreign hordes of warriors ... All the Gaul ? No! Because a village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders. And life is not easy for opponents who garrison the fortified camps around ... »

Introducing "Les Gaulois" 1289539716

This clan is made up of what offers the best in Gaul warriors and fighters moaners!

Introducing "Les Gaulois" 1289539827

So before you think of looking for trouble, think twice Wink

Introducing "Les Gaulois" 1289539910

For any application from these crazy Gauls come and introduce yourself on the forum first!

Rien ne sert de courir... Non, décidément, ça ne sert à rien Razz
Gaulois frénétique
Gaulois frénétique

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